Life in Times of Corona Virus Part 2 – What Should We Do During This Lockdown ?

Because of the Corona Virus nearly all the World is under the Lockdown, A lot peoples have lost their jobs, and others are in fear of losing their jobs, peoples are forced to stay home, most of the population is facing problems to meet their necessities, with all these change world is changing and it won’t be the same as before even after this problem is solved.

Whenever there is problem which threatens us as a human race, we evolves to a new level as a human race, and at that level every individual must have the necessary skills of that level to be successful.


Now during the lockdown we have a lot of time although we had the the time before but now we have all of our 24 hours which we can use to learn new skills which will help us to improve ourselves and prepare for future to come.

This is important, because the world was changing constantly but now the world is changing Rapidly and with this rapid change comes the new opportunities which requires us to be prepared to grab them and use them to thrive in the new world.

Things We Should Do During This Lockdown


# Learn A New Skill

We must learn new skills which we will be needing when it is over.

These skills could be like coding, web or app development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing or any other skills which could be in demand in your industry in the coming days and also can be learned from home in a short time, like a few days or few weeks.


# Read

Reading is also the most important thing to, reading provides you new information, knowledge which you didn’t had before, it also provides you new prospective to see things which you couldn’t see before.

It provides you the knowledge that a person has learned in a lifetime, and you can have all this knowledge in a few days just by reading and understanding. You can use this knowledge to get ahead in life and career.

A average person reads 1.5 books a year, while an CEO reads 52 books per year. –


# Exercise

Staying healthy must be a priority for everyone not just during the lockdown but all our life as long as we could. And to stay healthy we must do some workout which is good for us.

And now when we are at home all our time our physical activities are gone to the minimum level, this increases the requirement of Physical as well as Mental workout.

Although everyone knows these things but

The Key To Success Is Execution.