Life in Times of Corona Virus Part 1 – How Did We Get Here ?

We are living in the best time of human history, where we have advanced to a point we couldn’t have imagined a few hundred years ago, we have advanced in technology, pharmaceutical and nearly in all fields, yet we still face situations such as corona virus. It feels helpless some times when we couldn’t do anything about current problems and it forces us to think that even after advancing we have still a long way to go and understand ourselves, understand our behavior to others and to ourselves, understand that we all together make thing happen, so the least we can do is to Become Responsible for ourselves and for our surroundings, the Environment we live-in and keep it clean and healthy for ourselves and for our generations to come.


We are all facing this problem together as a human race, we are confined to ourselves, to our family, to our home. There is an environment of fear and suspicion all around us.

And now when we are at home sitting on a couch passing our time watching movies or web series which won’t do us any good except passing time.

This is the time to think about our actions and question ourselves that


How many of our actions are right in a social, moral and human way ? & stop justifying our actions.

Why do we face global problems like corona virus, global warming, uncertain changes in weather patterns, poverty, pollution (air, water, soil, noise) and so many more like these.

How much of our actions are responsible for for the increase in these problems ?

There is a saying


We all Shares The Same Fate when it comes to such global problems as a Human Race.

The whole world is interconnected, that’s why we sees its Ripple Effect nearly everywhere. And no one alone can stop it, that’s why we should act as a human race rather than doing what suits us best.

As Human Beings We Are Derived by Our Profit Motives in one way or the other and there is nothing wrong with that as long as Doesn’t harms others and NATURE in any way.

When our actions affects others in a unfavorable way it causes conflict, creates differences between peoples, sets them apart.

And when our actions affects Nature in a negative way, we all suffers the same consequences, even those who aren’t responsible for those actions and haven’t done anything wrong.


So it becomes our responsibility to not harm the Nature and don’t let others harm it.

So now you have understand the meaning of Sharing The Same Fate.