Life in Times of Corona Virus Part 3 – How Can We Succeeded After This Lockdown ?

We are facing lockdown all around the world, due to corona virus and when it is over we will be out in a new world or may be in the same. Think ?


Welcome To The New World Order

The things will change as they always do but now with an accelerated rate, so there should be some changes we must make for ourselves, to adjust with the new reality.

As we see the market has been going digital from the physical, from the last 10 to 15 years, mostly in the last 5 years we have seen a bigger change.

The point is we all are moving to the future which is more digital than physical.

So we must have the knowledge and skills which will help us to succeed in that time.

# Opportunity doesn’t waits for those who aren’t Prepared.

Things Which Can Help You To Succeed

Before we start let’s clear this – This is a framework of some Questions and Learning, Which, if answered and understood correctly can help, we can’t provide answers to these questions Because we all works different industries or sectors so the answers will be different for every individual, depending on their profession, industry, skill level etc.

Learn, Understand and Answer —


@ Learn About Others —

# When you learn about others, you gets to know yourself better.

@ Learn about the Industry you are in. And, If you want to change your industry, now is the time.

@ Learn how it is going to change, in which way.

@ How the work will be done after the change.

@ How you can provide value to others.

@ Learn New Skills which are related to your industry, profession, work.

@ Read more about your industry. Read books which will give you the knowledge to understand your industry.

@ Learn about firm you have been working for.

@ Learn how you can provide Value to your Employer, if you are an employee.

@ How you can provide value to your clients.

@ What your clients expects from you (you can do this by putting yourself in a clients position where you have to pay for the product or service you are buying from you, and much you are satisfied with it)


@ Learn about yourself —

# Once you learn about yourself, more than half of the work is done to be successful.

@ Learn about your Strengths and Weaknesses.

@ Learn about your behavior, how do you behave under different situations.

@ Learn what you need to change to be successful.

@ What skills you have, are the skills you have enough to be successful or you need to improve on these.

@ How good you are at the work you do, is it best you can do or you can improve it.

@ Analyze everything you do, this will give you an edge over others, and show you what you need to change.

# There is no such thing called “perfect” exists, because there is always room for improvement.

These are some of the questions.

# Ask these questions to yourself and answer them, also apply the answers to get the desired result @

# You Won’t Know Unless You Try

If you have any questions, mail us or write in the comment section we will be happy to help and answer your questions.

After reading this long post, some of you will think that we know all this stuff, but there is a difference between knowing and understanding, and it takes efforts to put it into work.

Do you remember what we said in our last post’s last Sentence.


The Key To Success Is Execution. So Execute.

Thanks for precious time you have given to this reading.

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