Investing – Concept & Rules

Investing Concept & Rules

Investing has it’s own importance in every persons life. There are two things which every person invests knowingly or unknowingly. These are TIME & MONEY. If Time & Money are not invested then it’s wasted.

That’s why we need to understand what is Investing?

The answer is very simple if the use of given time & money gives you a Net Positive Result (by Net Positive Result means you’re better off than before in some manner or way & this improvement can be measured) then it is called Invested, Otherwise Wasted. Specially in case of time, we can’t control it, store it, or do something about it. We can only use it to get things done.

We also needs to know where we should invest our two most valuable resources to get the best results. For Example – Which is the investment of time, Watching Netflix OR Reading a Self Development Book, You know very well, I don’t need to tell you that.

Now coming to the point where we can invest our most valuable resources………….

The first one is your HEALTH, we all knows that, so we move on to the other one, which is your FINANCES. If these two are good, other things will get in order automatically, nearly for every person.

Now comes the concept of Efforts or Endeavors. Whatever we do it takes efforts & time, if not money. So we should focus our efforts & time on the activities which can give us our desired outcome. Now we’re focusing on How to improve our Finances? By making right investment decisions.


The First Rule of Investing is – Invest Only in the things you knows. If you want to invest in the things you don’t know, then Educate yourself and then invest. This will take time so be patience, because no matter what you do this is not gonna happen overnight. Either way time is gonna pass, So would be better to put your efforts on the right track to achieve your goals. And keep in mind….

There is no Elevator to Success, You have to take the Stairs.

The Second Rule of Investing is – Keep Yourself Accountable. Measure everything that you can, because measuring gives a view of what is happening.

You can Improve, What you can Measure.

The Third Rule of Investing is – Analyse Your Progress. Analysis gives you details of your progress, What you have achieved, What didn’t went right, Where you need to Improve, What changes are required to get the Desired Outcome. Get answer of these questions and get going until you reach your goal.