Communication – Effective Communication

Effective Communication

How can we define Effective Communication ?

Obviously everyone knows what is communication, communication is as old as the human civilization, In old times we started communication with gestures, then developed signs, symbols. Long story short we developed languages, which we are using to interact with each other in these days or i should say present time.

We all lives in this world which we built in a very very very… long time by continuously improving ourselves and our society. We all are social being, that’s why we need to understand what other peoples are trying to say or make understand, that is where effective communication comes, to understand what they are saying and make the other people’s understand what we want to say.

But we were talking about the Effective Communication, In communication process there must be at least two persons (there can be one person when we talk about Intra-Personal Communication, we will come to that later) One Who is Speaking and other Who is Listening and also understanding what is being told to him/her. Can we call it an effective communication?

Yes, If the listener or receiver got the massage and understood it in the same manner as the sender wanted to say and given his/her Feedback.

No, If the listener or receiver doesn’t got the massage or doesn’t understood or doesn’t given his/her Feedback.

For an Effective Communication there are three necessary conditions which are 1. Massage must be received by receiver. 2. Massage must be understood by receiver in the same manner as sender. 3. Receiver must give Feedback to sender.

Now the question arises that, Can we communicate only by Language or there are other methods of communication?

Yes, There are other ways to communicate like Body Language. Even the Body Language words-pair contains LANGUAGE.

This is for now guys. In the next part of Communication we will be talking about How many types of communication are there, How we can improve our communication, How to understand body language & much more.